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We are a Roman Catholic Religious community of men who serve the Deaf and disabled.  We are a group of priests and brothers who are Deaf and hearing living together as a family. 

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Adam Zawadzki

Our Logo has been with us for a number of years.  In this, our first post, I think it is appropriate to talk about our logo and the call that it presents to us. First, this logo was designed by a family member of one of our brothers who has a good amount of experience with graphic design.  When we posed the challenge to her, we offered a number of suggestions that had been used in the past.  She graciously heard us, then told us to leave her alone while she did her work.  A short time later, she presented us with this image.  At first glance, we liked it, but were not fully in love with it.  Then she explained what it meant.  

First, we are Dominican; hence the colors of Black and White.  The colors, black and white, have traditionally belonged to Dominicans for many years.  Next, we have the over all shape of our habit.  While we share the same style of habit with the Dominicans, our habits are a different color.  This also gives us an identity.  This identity extends 800 years into the past.  While our community has only been serving the Deaf since 2004, we share in the jubilee year of the Dominicans and their history is partly ours as well.  

Next, the overall shape of the figure is reminiscent of a cross.  Our call is to holiness and our ministry is for Christ. The bend of the figure also mimics the sail of a boat.  We remember that we are missionaries who are to travel to places we have never been before to do work we cannot predict.  This is often true for us physically, we are able to travel to minister to Deaf people all over the country or even perhaps the world.  However, sometimes it is even more true for us emotionally and spiritually.  From time to time, we can look back at our lives and realize how we have changed and grown.  It can be very tempting for us to be comfortable with the way we are and to resist a new challenge.  It is sometimes true, however, that we need to face a challenge in order to grow in ways that God is calling us.  Sometimes this means an uncomfortable situation where we do not know what to do or say.  It is times like these that we return to Mary, who accepted the angel Gabriel's words.  "If you will it, Lord, that I should feel discomfort so that your flock may be united again, then so be it."


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